Are your shells 3rd party?

Nope! Every shell we sell is OEM, including the painted ones!

What about the internals?

Also all OEM! Full builds will specify if they are a T2 or T3 stickbox.

What about your custom buttons and sticks?

All of the custom buttons we sell are cast resin made using molds made of OEM buttons. The resin shrinks about 0.01 inches per inch so they're not *exactly* the same size as OEM but they're so close that you wouldn't know unless you measure using a caliper. The sticks use cast resin bases (using molds of sticks without rubber) and then capped using a rubber compound (using molds made from brand new OEM sticks)

Do you only offer aesthetic mods?

Nope, I also do diagnosis and repair as well as offer functional and electrical mods such as tactile Z buttons, snapback fixes (capacitors and no-reset modules), and digital triggers. These I do as send-ins so you'd need to contact me on twitter @css_kief to set that up!

Do the functional mods you do include notching?

Not at the moment, I've been planning on learning to how to notch for over a year now so I wouldn't hold your breath for me learning any time soon haha. If you're looking for notches I'd recommend reaching out to @riennezelda, @MeleedyMods, or @eviLabCC on twitter.

Where do you ship to?

At the moment shipping is restricted to the United States and Canada but I plan to expand to global shipping soon!