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LCD Wii w/ White Printed Parts


A Nintendo Wii that has been modified to include a 5" LCD, it's USB C powered, and has a kickstand!

Originally designed as an alternative to requiring a CRT to test controllers in Smashscope at events, I've found it's very useful to have a portable Melee setup!

6' Anker USB C to USB C cable
UGreen Nexode mini 30W Charger

The console has been homebrewed and has RVLoader, Nintendont, and Smashscope installed but does not include any games.

In order to fit the LCD the Disk Drive has been removed.

The unit can be powered by other PD compliant power supplies (such as power banks!) that output at least 2.5A at 12V.

***12V is not a required voltage for PD compliance, please check the output voltages on your power supply to ensure that it outputs 12V***

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